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Italy’s housing market is cooling - Like dominoes, Europe’s housing markets are falling one by one. Will Italy’s housing market be the next casualty? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Homeowners in Italy remain upbeat about the country's property market, claiming that the property market in Italy is gaining momentum - Prospective investors in the Italian market have been pointed towards the dramatically metamorphosised region of Palermo in Sicily. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Italian property prices continue to appreciate in 2008 - The man who became the first millionaire on the popular TV show Dragons Den with his clever electrical device is now investing in Italian property. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Dragons Den millionaire invests in Italian property - Italy’s property sector is expected to escape the market boom and bust cycle that has afflicted other countries such as Spain, according to property firm Cluttons. After seeing slowing average price growth of 4% in 2007 from a high of 10% in 2004, the estate agency forecasts that Italian property prices will appreciate modestly this year. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Expats 'need to learn the Italian language' - English speakers who are planning to work in Italy should learn the Italian language, experts have stated. According to ShelterOffshore.com, foreigners who are working in the country are widely expected to have a basic knowledge of the native tongue. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Sale of Turkish property to foreigners gets thumbs up - The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement temporarily halted Turkish property sales to foreigners at the beginning of April in line with a Constitutional Court ruling three months prior. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Summer in Europe Rome at Night - Rome at night is, in short, a city lit like a theater, and, especially in the warmer months, should be enjoyed like one. A superb walk through time might start on the far side of the hill, on Via dei Fori Imperiali. To the south, the Colosseum glows. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Berlusconi Rival Concedes Defeat - Italy's centre-left leader has publicly conceded defeat to Silvio Berlusconi in the country's general election. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Italy storms up the property rankings in 2008 - Italy’s property market is on the move and it’s all in one direction, and that’s up. A leading property search portal revealed this year that Italy is now the most searched for country by Brits looking to invest in property taking 8.5% of all searches on the website. The country knocked France off their top spot and into third with Spain claiming second place. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Philippines is hottest emerging market - There was a discussion about the Philippine real estate market. It is said that the Philippines is emerging right now. With the surge of foreign investors coming in, it seems that the Philippines are really making a good turn.. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Italy Chiltons Easter Wishes to all - ITALY CHILTONS Estate Agents - Selling property in Italy, covering all provinces. Whether your looking to buy a villa in Lake Como a holiday home in Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, Venice, Bellagio, Milan, Lazio, Abruzzo, Calabria, Sardinia or a town house in the Italian Riviera this is a good place to start the process. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
Italy 2008: holiday planning guide - Siena for the Palio, Sardinia for the beach, Tuscany for the peace: wherever and however you want to spend your holiday, you can start planning it now with the expert help of Gill Charlton. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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Ireland v Italy - The first game of the Six Nations saw Ireland struggle to a far-from-convincing 16-11 win over a spirited Italy at Croke Park. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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ROME Italy’s government finally fell - After Prime Minister Romano Prodi lost a confidence vote that made it clear that Italy’s leaders know they face a deep political and economic crisis but are venomously divided over how to solve it. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.
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From The Sunday Times - Hot links This week's best clicks. Struggling to achieve that new year’s resolution? PLACE IN THE SUN. The January blues makes us all yearn for warmer climes. If you’re in the market for a pied-ŕ-terre in Calabria, southern Italy.
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